Festival of the residency-artists at Operndorf Afrika

This weekend, from 24th to 25th of November, the residence artists 2018 Lisa Braun, Raphael Dembele, Zonatan Dembele, Fabian Hub, Magnus Krüger, Yannick Riemer and Greta Wildhage invite you to FESTIVAL DONKÔKÉNÉ // BANGR SIMANDÉ. The festival takes place at a concert hall/exhibition space, which they specifically set up during their residency.

Since almost two months now, the artists work together at Operndorf Afrika.

This weekend, all artists are going to celebrate this specifically created venue. They will give a concert and on Sunday  local food will be offered as well as Dolobeer. Local artists are invited to use the open stage.

You find the whole program in our calendar.