Project Structure

Project Structure

The business structure & Staff

The business structure
of the Operndorf Afrika
Burkina Faso

In addition to the office in Berlin, the project has 18 employees in Burkina Faso.

Six teachers and a school principal live and work in the Operndorf Afrika: Edwige Compaoré Kiswendsida, Habibou Bonkoungou/Zongo, Moussa Sawadogo, Nicole Ilboudo-Zongo, Asséta Sawadogo, Victoire Marie Yidiè Tianhoiun/Kamund et Abdoulaye Ouedraogo.

The team in the infirmary includes a pharmacist, a dentist, a general practitioner, a midwife and a nurse, who also live and work in the Operndorf Afrika: Blandine Tiendrebeogo, Issa Ouedraogo, Omar Ouedraogo, Clarisse Estelle Ouédraogo and Gompoko Martine Sawadogo .

Two administrative employees work for the project: Motandi Ouoba (Administrative Head) and Laura Bayala (Coordinator). 

François Bouda, artistic manager, curates and organises the monthly cultural program.

The project in addition also employs a cook in the canteen, security guards and janitors: Denise Compaoré, Tapsoba Tennoaga (aka Prospere), Patouletale Tapsoba (aka Abdoulaye) and Dieudonné Touwendabo.

All employees have health insurance coverage through the Festspielhaus Afrika gemeinnützige GmbH with registered office in Berlin.

The business structure
of the Operndorf Afrika

The Festspielhaus Afrika gemeinnützige GmbH with registered office in Berlin, which was established by Christoph Schlingensief, in 2009, coordinates the construction projects and cultural projects of the project and secures their financing. Since 2011 the project Operndorf Afrika is under the patronage of the former Federal President of Germany Hörst Köhler.

Under the management of Aino Laberenz the structure has always been kept as small as possible. In order to avoid high expenditures, the team in Berlin is small:  Annika Turkowski, Jonas Thobega and Tatjana Arens.

Nevertheless, in order to ensure a professional working process, public relations, accounting, graphic design and translation have been outsourced. In addition, the project is supported pro bono by two professional partners: the graphic designer Mario Lombardo and the law firm Partner Raue PartmbB.

Denise Compaoré - head chef of Operndorf canteen
Abdoulaye Ouedraogo - Director of Operndorf School
Asséta Sawadogo - Teacher at Operndorf School
Habibou Bonkoungou/Zongo - Teacher at Operndorf School
Edwige Compaoré Kiswendsida - Teacher at Operndorf School
Motandi Ouoba - Administrative Director Operndorf Afrika
Moussa Sawadogo - Teacher at Operndorf School
Nicole Ilboudo/Zongo - Teacher at Operndorf School
Omar Ouedraogo - Director of infirmary at Operndorf Afrika
Victoire Marie Yidiè Tianhoiun/Kamund - Teacher at Operndorf School
Team of Operndorf infirmary
Dieudonné Touwendabo - nightwatchman at Operndorf infirmary
Blandine Tiendrebeogo - pharmacist at Operndorf infirmary
Issa Ouedraogo - dentist at Operndorf infirmary
Abdoulaye Tapsoba - maintenance man at Operndorf
Prosper Tapsoba - maintenance man at Operndorf
Abdoulaye and Prosper - maintenance team Operndorf
Annika Turkowski - Project Director
Tatjana Arens – Project Manager