Our principles


Our principles

We are organised and registered as the Festspielhaus gemeinnützige GmbH based in berlin, our business premises are located at Fehrbelliner Straße 56 , 10119 Berlin.

The Festspielhaus Afrika gemeinnützige GmbH was founded by Christoph Schlingensief in 2009 and has since then been recognised by the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin, as a non-profit organisation under the tax number 27/613/01883. Managing Director of the Festspielhaus Afrika gemeinnützige GmbH is Aino Laberenz.

The articles of association regulate fundamentals like the purposes of the company:

Articles of association in german language: Gesellschaftsvertrag

More information about our vision, our mission statement and the sustainability of the project.

The non-profit limited liability company was recognized as a non-profit corporation in the decision of 02.05.2018 of the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin.

We maintain two boards, which are responsible for quality assurance.

Advisory Board: Amelie Deuflhard (Artistic Director Kampnagel Hamburg), Matthias Lilienthal (Artistic Director Intimate Theatre Munich), Claudia Kaloff (Artist Relations), Peter Raue (Lawyer and art collector), Antje Vollmer (Vice-President of the German Bundestag (retired) & writer)

Artist Board in Burkina Faso: Smockey Bambara (Rap artist), Gaston Kaboré (Filmmaker), Siriki Ky (Sculptor), Etienne Minoungou (Theatre maker), Irene Tassembedo (Choreographer), Konomba Traoré (Composer, professor of traditional music)

Controlling: Our annual financial statements are controlled by an independent auditing company (Ebner Stolz, Berlin) and published in the annual report.The independent auditing company Ebner Stolz supports the board fully autonomously with regard to the operational and strategic control of the Festspielhaus Afrika gemeinnützigen GmbH. It regularly provides the Curatorship and the Board with analyses and reviews of relevant developments, such as donations received, public grants, but also the amount of project funding, of the personnel, material and marketing expenses or other information, relevant for the strategic management of the organisation.

We publish the financial statements of Festspielhaus Afrika gGmbH in accordance with statutory regulations in the Federal Gazette. An insight – in german – can be found here:

On request, we will gladly send you the activity reports of Festspielhaus Afrika gGmbH, just send a short message: festspielhaus@schlingensief.com

Under the management of Aino Laberenz, the structure has always been kept as small as possible, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Nevertheless, in order to ensure a professional working process, public relations, accounting, graphic design and translation have been outsourced and are provisioned in part as pro bono services through the Partner.

Find out more about our employee structure here:

We moreover also cooperate regularly with other organisations, which support us with their expertise. For an overview of our Supporting Institutions, please click here.

We receive a corporate affiliation to the charitable Foundation Operndorf Afrika.

The Foundation Operndorf Afrika  was founded by Aino Laberenz at the end of 2012 and is recognized as a charitable foundation by the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin under tax number 27/641/02823.

The Foundation Operndorf Afrika was recognized as a non-profit corporation in the decision dated 18.10.2017 of the Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin.

Part of the Foundation Board are: Karina Frille (certified public accountant and tax consultant, Ebner Stolz), Gabriele Horn (director Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art) and Aino Laberenz (managing director of Festspielhaus Afrika gGmbH).