2021 Residence Artist – Abrie Fourie spoke about his work at the Goethe-Institut

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, South African artist/curator Abrie Fourie, in residence at the Village Opera, will present MINE, a selection of films by South African and diaspora artists. MINE is a project associated with Modern Art Projects South Africa. The title refers to deep mining and the idea of personal ownership. The works presented have been chosen for their diversity. The common denominator is that the artists refer to themselves in their work, whether in person, as actor, model, observer, interviewer or instigator. Mine seeks to explore the multiple ways in which we identify and position our ‘self’.
Abrie Fourie bases his practice primarily on photography and is involved in teaching, publishing and curatorial projects. Since 2005 he has been co-director, curator and facilitator of Modern Art Projects South Africa.

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