“Why Africa?” – Poster Campaign Operndorf Afrika

In collaboration with the photographer Irina Gavrich from Vienna (Numero, Zoo Magazin, L`Officiel Art, Harpers Bazaar, Tush) and the Berlin-based graphic designer Mario Lombardo, Aino Laberenz (CEO of Operndorf Afrika) has designed a poster campaign focusing on the supporters of the Operndorf Afrika in Burkina Faso.


Among the portrayed, you find art collector Julia Stoschek; actors like Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Mavie Hörbiger, Clemens Schick, and Abdoul Kader Traoré; the artists John Bock, Alicja Kwade and Hermann Nitsch as well as the musicians Malakoff Kowalski and Lary. 


Aino Laberenz’s intention was to make a statement – therefore, every supporter answered in their own handwriting the question „Why Africa?“. The handwriting has then been transposed on the poster, creating a series of personal portraits and statements that speak for themselves.


All parties involved in the campaign did pro bono work, The photo studios Delight and Full of Grace offered their space for free. Operndorf Afrika is also grateful for the  work of make-Up Artists Birgit Dannenberg and Victoria Reuter, as well as for the 33 supporters portrayed in this project.