Opening Bar3000 & TIGIRI Festival at Operndorf Afrika

Last weekend, the Bar3000 of Claus Föttinger was officially opened at Operndorf Afrika as part of the TIGIRI Festival. In the presence of Carolin Christgau, director of the Goethe Institute Ouagadougou, our Team, last year’s artist-in-residence artists Claus Föttinger and Jeannette Mohr and this year’s resident artists ….. all night was danced through. In addition to local bands and DJs like u.a. Ouagatronic played Jowaa, DJ Raie Mental, Ali Bombaye, CC Selekta, Arystan & Arne, Yalkabèlectro and Ezè Wendtoin & Band and the Banda Internationale from Dresden. In addition to many visitors from Ouagadougou were also many children, adolescents and adults from the area invited. A heartfelt thank you to the Goethe Institute of Ouagadougou for making the event possible.