Christmas greetings from former Federal President and patron of the Opera Village Africa Horst Köhler

(c) Felix Brüggemann

Dear supporters of the Opera Village Africa,

The outgoing year is characterized by a shocking simultaneity of crises. The war in Ukraine, rising prices and the energy crisis dominate the concerns of people in this country. Meanwhile, the misery, poverty and hunger that prevail in large parts of Africa receive little attention from us.

Burkina Faso is one of many African countries currently experiencing great despair: fear of terrorist attacks is growing, food is becoming scarce in many places, and hunger is looming. Faced with a lack of prospects, many are deciding to leave their homeland.

But there is also reason for hope: especially among the younger generation, a new, unexpected self-confidence can be observed. Young people are facing up to the many challenges and are ready to take responsibility for the future of their country. They want to stay in Burkina Faso and do not resign in the face of the enormous problems in the country.

This is the attitude that Opera Village Africa seeks to promote. Hope is visible in the village’s projects: vital initial examinations and health education take place in the infirmary, the cultural program facilitates an open exchange across national borders, and in the school, the children are given the opportunity to learn more about their own country.

The cultural program facilitates open exchange across national borders, and the number of children enrolled in school has increased significantly. For the first time, more girls than boys are attending first grade this year.
None of this would have been possible without your financial support. I would like to thank you for this. At the same time, I ask you: Let us continue to support the Opera Village Africa, let us work together for a better future for the people of Burkina Faso!

I wish you and your families happy holidays and a peaceful new year!


Horst Köhler

Former Federal President and Patron of Opera Village Africa

Photo (c) Felix Brüggemann