Support our infirmary in the fight against Corona!

The number of people infected with corona is increasing on the African continent and we in Europe can guess how the situation can worsen in a short time. Burkina Faso is particularly hard hit and we urgently need support now!

According to official figures, there are already over 250 Covid-19 infected people in Burkina Faso, but according to the WHO, the discrepancy between the reported numbers of unreported cases is likely to be even greater than in Europe. For testing for the virus, there is only one facility across the country that is already being used beyond its capacities. A far-reaching outbreak of the pandemic that we are experiencing in Europe will quickly overload Burkina Faso’s already fragile health system.

That is why we took the necessary precautions in the fight against Covid-19 at an early stage: the team at the medical center of the opera village in Africa has been working on prevention for several weeks, doing educational work in the surrounding villages and preparing the personnel and the medical center with the necessary protective measures for the increasing number of people Number of Covid-19 infected before. In this we want to support the infirmary and provide the necessary medication and medical equipment for the population of the surrounding villages.

In order to continue to implement the necessary preventive measures and to support the employees of the Operndorf infirmary in the treatment of Covid-19 diseases, we urgently need your financial support! Help save lives with your donation!