Soon: The 5th edition of our KIFIFE Film Festival

The fifth edition of our unique children’s film festival KIFIFE will take place from June 11 to 15. The film festival is of great importance to us because, despite the difficult political situation, it offers children and young people in the region the opportunity to develop their creativity and intellectual skills through the medium of film. Through the various films from different countries and contexts, the festival also promotes dialog and understanding between different cultures, which is crucial for building a better future.

This year, five workshops on different topics will be offered, which will also stimulate their interest in new technologies and art forms. In addition, screenings are planned for the first time in other schools in the region and school classes from Ouagadougou will be invited to the film screenings and workshops at the Opera Village. Of course, we will also be showing films in the surrounding villages and not just in the Opera Village itself.

Many thanks to Kobalt Productions, whose financial support made this festival possible in the first place and who shares with us the conviction that film as a medium can help to change the world! Merci!