News from our school garden

Things are growing and thriving in our school garden in Opera Village Africa. These days the students can harvest their specially planted cucumbers, onions and the Burkinabe eggplant.

The main goal of our school garden project is to ensure the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to the students of our elementary school and their parents in the rural region around the opera village of Africa, as well as to provide training in cultivation and irrigation methods and erosion control. In this way, the children accompany the entire process, from planting and care to harvesting and processing in the school’s canteen. In this way, the children are introduced to the topics of sustainability and healthy eating in a playful way, and they learn the value and importance of what they do together.

In order to maintain our school garden, we are dependent on long-term financial help – become a permanent donor to Operndorf Afrika and support the project with, for example, 10 euros per month. In return, the children in Burkina Faso will be able to harvest the equivalent of about 30 Burkinan eggplants in a few months!