The artist couple Rapedius at Operndorf Afrika

The artist couple Thomas & Renée Rapedius has been at Operndorf Afrika for a few weeks with the artist-in-residence stipends of the federal state of Berlin.

In their artistic work they deal with forms, structures and patterns. The result is abstracted objects, drawings and photographs that often assemble them into multi-layered installations revolving around dialectical opposites such as nature and culture, similarity and difference, perception and memory.

In Burkina Faso, they follow the design and structuring of surfaces: the overlapping path systems of the flat plateau of the savannah, the narrow woven fabrics with reduced patterns and the symbolic surface design of the Kassena architecture.

With the pupils of the Operndorf School, they hold various workshops in which the children observe and draw their life and their surroundings or fold paper objects.

In the photo you can see the makeshift sunshade, which they have built from the 168 bottles of drinking water they have consumed in recent weeks.