CCA Berlin will host a matinee on December 9 by KEINE AGENTUR FUTURE LAB asking: WHAT CAN THE PRESENT DO?

We invite you to join us in a thought-provoking discussion with Aino Laberenz from Operndorf Afrika, Lutz Henke from Visit Berlin, Antonia Alampi from Spore Initiative, and Fabian Schöneich from CCA Berlin. Let’s explore how existing initiatives in art and culture create desirable societal futures by operating in unconventional ways.

It is here and now that the future is being shaped. So we are asking: What is the potential of the present? During the GATHERING, we will examine and discuss initiatives integrating art, culture, society, (and education) and embracing interdisciplinarity. Together, we will sketch answers to the following questions: In what ways can art and culture contribute to societal change beyond their immediate context? What impact can they have beyond the art system towards opening institutions and mindsets?

WELCOME: Coffee + Croissants
11:00 Presentation + Discussion
12:00 Crémant + Exchange

Free entry. Seats are limited. Please register now via EVENTBRITE