Covid-19 in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has reached 27 cases of Covid-19 infections with one death today, but the situation is changing quickly. The Ministry of Health gives out informations about the symptoms and gives instructions for the public about the precautions to take – but also many false informations were put in circulation. To avoid this, we work together with the RKI on presenting the right informations. As many people are not able to read, the team oft he Operndorf infirmary gets involved in raising awareness through the multiplication of posters and a direct communication with the community leaders as the trust in friends, family and neighbors is often greater than in government agencies. The WHO had already warned in February that the health systems of the African countries were not adequately equipped to combat the pathogen – we hope that we could at least contribute that the right information reaches the rural population as quickly as possible.