Cooperation with the Robert Koch Institute

Since 2014, the Robert Koch Institute has been leading a training program on basic hygiene and the management of highly infectious diseases for medical personnel in West Africa. The detection, prevention and control of diseases, in particular infectious diseases, is the focus of the activities of the Robert Koch Institute. Especially after the horrors of the Ebola epidemic in other West African countries, it is important to strengthen this knowledge locally. Pulcherie Traoré, a midwife in our infirmary and one of the first training participants, described her experience as follows: “WE ALL HAD IN THE LAST YEAR FEAR AS EBOLA REACHED OUR COUNTRY. WE CAN TAKE THIS FEAR ONLY WITH KNOWLEDGE, THE TRAINING HAS STRENGTHENED OUR SKILLS. “

It reinforces our work that the physicians recognize the art in Operndorf Afrika as a special added value for their work and that they want to continue working with us in the future. Art should be understood as a social element that is able to connect all areas.