EVENT – 08.02.2023

On February 8, our multi-year cooperation with the Salzkammergut Bad Ischgl as part of the Creative Europe project “Deconfining” will start with a conversation between the two authors Sidiki Yougbaré (Burkina Faso) and Thiemo Strutzenberger (Austria). Both are visiting the Salzkammergut Bad Ischl 2024, the Capital of Culture, as part of the first writers’ residency from February 3-16, 2023.

The Creative Europe project “Deconfining” aims to redefine the intercontinental dialogue between Europe and Africa: in addition to artistic activities – residency programs as well as joint works and theater productions – the multi-layered project also includes cultural policy activities. In this way, new strategies for intercontinental cultural exchange are to emerge, developed by a multitude of actors from culture and politics from both continents. The focus is on the concept of “deconfining” and its social, ecological and spatial dimensions. How can old patterns be broken up and reshaped? It is about breaking paternalistic and colonial patterns, in favor of a participatory attitude and an egalitarian “co-creation” approach.

You can find all the info about the event and the program here!