Projizieren Sie selbst?! Klasse Schlingensif! 10 Jahre Erinnern

The former Schlingensief class gives small insights into the Operndorf Afrika and their own artistic work as part of the 2020 Light Parcours, in cooperation with KunstKonnexion e.V. and the City Museum Braunschweig, and invites you to participate and discuss at various locations in Braunschweig. Among other works you’ll find Sketches by Francis Kéré, films by Tobias Dostal and photos by Rouamba Maxime Wendyam and students from the Operndorf Afrika school. The exhibition is framed by artistic fragments of memory of Schlingensief by Malte Struck, Beata Niedhart, Franziska Nast and Franziska Pester.

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