New colleagues!

We are happy to welcome our two new colleagues into the team of the hospital of Opera Village: Estelle Clarisse Kaboré-Ouedraogo who started to work in the hospital as midwife,
and Martine Gueswindé Sawadogo who joined us as the new nurse.
With these women in our team, the staff of the hospital is now again complete and can fully operate.

Here are their thoughts on working at Operndorf:

My name is Martine Gueswindé Sawadogo. I am a certified nurse and I have been exercising my job since 2008. Working as a nurse has always been fascinating to me. It allows us to be in direct contact with people and makes us feel useful when we help people to heal.
CSPS of Operndorf Village is an ideal work place thanks to its architecture and high quality products we are able to work with. All of this combined makes me happy to perform this job and it motivates me. 

Martine Gueswindé Sawadogo

My name is Ms Ouedrago, born Estelle Clarisse Kaboré. I am employed as midwife in the CSPS of Operndorf Village. It was in 2011 that I started working. I adore the job I am doing – there is just nothing better than to help a women bring life into the world.
The CSPS is ideal for me since it is equipped with sufficient technical means and because of the dynamic and united team. I feel motivated and I am pleased to work here.

Estelle Clarisse Kaboré-Ouedrago